Dome Chartering & Trading Corp (DCT) offers commercial and technical management services for investment interests and ship owners as well as dry cargo chartering for clients.  With over two decades of international commercial management experience, Dome has the experience and expertise necessary to manage commercial vessels and projects of all sizes around the world.

Commercial Management

Dome is pleased to offer the services below:
–          Time charter and voyage chartering
–          COA negotiations
–          Bareboat chartering
–          Voyage chartering operations
–          Port captains and Stow plans
–          Laytime calculations
–          Bunker stems
–          Agency appointments and Port DA review
–          Charterers liability insurance and FDD
–          Final hire and freight calculations
Dome Chartering acts as Commercial Managers (as brokers only) for the following companies:

    Schuyler Line Navigation Co. (SLNC) – USA

    Broker for Dry Cargo Ships

    Dome’s services include dry cargo chartering to a variety of diverse ports around the world.  Our brokers have expertise with a variety of cargos including bulk, break bulk, and hazardous cargo.  Specifically, Dome has provided ship brokering services for specialized cargo, hazardous materials such as IMO and appendix B cargoes, and explosive/flammable and breakbulk – heavy lift cargoes, including ammunition all IMO1.1 up.

    Dome also has expertise in managing vessels in niche trades and countries that have cabotage rules.

    In addition, Dome works exclusively and semi-exclusively with various steel mills, charterers and traders globally.

Jones Act Brokerage Services

Section 27 of The Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (also known as the Jones Act), regulates maritime commerce in U.S. waters between U.S. ports, specifying that cargo must be transferred on ships owned by U.S. citizens, and crewed by U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents. Dome has extensive experience providing Jones Act compliant brokerage services for dry cargo serving ports on the East and West Coast of the United States.

Dome provides Jones Act compliant brokerage services (as agents only) to ports of call including: continental United States of America, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands (USVI), Guam, Hawaii, Alaska.

Grab Rentals

When your cargo is destined for a port with inadequate cargo handling equipment, Dome is pleased to offer grab rentals, front end loaders, bagging plants and other cargo handling equipment services through an affiliate.  These services ensure your dry bulk cargo is handled appropriately and efficiently.  Our cargo handling equipment is operated and maintained by experienced technicians who will ensure a smooth transition for your cargo.  Please contact us for more information.

Technical Management

In addition to Dome’s commercial management expertise, Dome Chartering & Trading works closely with partners who are able to provide technical management, crewing, safety and financial and advisory services for our clients.  Whether you are a ship owner or operator, Dome is able to offer a full range of commercial and technical management services.

Dome is proud to offer the following services, via a 3rd party ship manager, to their clients:

· Vetting and Compliance Services
· Safety and Security
· Lifeboat Servicing and Testing
· Ship Maintenance (dry dock and repair)
· Purchasing Services
· Crew Management
· P and I and Hull insurance/FDD

Dome has the experience necessary to manage vessels for other vessel owners, ship operators and financial institutions.  We currently manage a fleet of up to 10 vessels, ranging from smaller coasters, up to  Panamax size vessels. We also are specialized in non flags of convenience such as US, Mexican Flag, Venezuelan flagged vessels.   Our diversity of experience and proven track record ensures that Dome Chartering & Trading will competently and safely manage your next project.