About Us

Dome Chartering & Trading Corp. is committed to being on the forefront of international logistic techniques and to being diversified in the size and type of cargo we ship. This allows our customers to enjoy the most cost-effective solutions for their transportation needs. We pledge ourselves to world-wide competitive logistic solutions and we aspire to be an extension of our client’s business.

Dome was started by three classmates from New York’s Maritime College at Fort Schuyler. After graduating together, they all pursued different paths both afloat and ashore before crossing paths in Manhattan, where they were all working in the merchant shipping industry in various capacities. Together they saw an opportunity to position a competitive ship brokerage shop in the US market.

In 2000, with the addition of a fourth principal, Dome moved its offices to Annapolis, Maryland on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay. Since then, Dome has grown both in size and cargo volume, and maintains full commercial control over a fleet of both US Flag and Foreign Flag vessels. Dome has carved out an enviable position as an active player in various niche markets.

Dome Chartering & Trading Corp. is a privately held small business per NAICS code 483111 (under 500 employees) and we are US Citizen majority-owned.

Dome Headquarters in Annapolis, MD

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 In 2013 Dome completed construction on their new international headquarters in Annapolis, Maryland.
Dome has the experience necessary to manage vessels for other vessel owners, ship operators and financial institutions.  We currently manage a fleet of up to 10 vessels, ranging from smaller coasters, up to Panamax size vessels. We also are specialized in non flags of convenience such as US, Mexican Flag, Venezuelan flagged vessels.   Our diversity of experience and proven track record ensures that Dome Chartering and Trading will competently and safely manage your next project.